2011 UrbanUco Torrontés – O. Fournier – Cafayate

My very first Argentinian wine I tried almost 15 years ago. It was in Calais, where I worked in a wine shop specialising in English customers. Tis was not a Malbec but a white, a François Lurton Torrontes. I cannot exactly recall this precious moment, the wine sold for around 4 GBP and was boring compared to just slightly more expensive Aussie Chardonnays.

Time has passed. This time I am the customer at a big wine shop in Düsseldorf, the Mövenpick Weinkeller. While browsing the ailes this wine caught my eyes: Torrontés Urban Uco. Cost €6.90 and was marked with 91 Parker Points. A good Price / Point ratio, i’d say.

The grapes are grown in Cafayate, which is a sub-region of Salta and famous for its Torrontés Riojano.
There is not one but at least three different Torrontés, all natural seedlings of one Muscat with a different partner.
Riojano : Muscat of Alexandria x Listán Prieto
Sanjuanino : Muscat of Alexandria x Listán Prieto (Same as Riojano but hey, they are siblings)
Mendocino : Muscat of Alexandria x unknown grape vine.

So lets see if the Muscat has retained its genes, with a price like this there is nothing to lose.

Screwcap opened and poured.
Light greenish tinge, which is interesting because this is not the youngest wine.

Straight out of the fridge the Muscat comes through strongly. Warming up ripe white grapefruit, elderflower, rape honey, freshly peeled lychee and grapefruit peel marinaded in honey.
On the palate quite full with soft acidity and light bitter note. Acidity takes its time to work through the palate coming a bit later and enforcing the grapefruit taste which is also accentuated by the bitterness.
Yes, definitely Muscat involved!

I’m not into giving points to wines. If I did however, it would never have been 91. NOt a bad wine and definitely more impressive than the one I had 15 years ago.

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