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99 Years of Scheurebe Part I

In 2016 Scheurebe will celebrate its 100th anniversary, so time to pop some bottles on the balcony.

This aromatic grape variety was made by Georg Scheu in Alzey, Rheinhessen crossing Riesling and Bukettraube. Mr Scheu erroneously believed he used Sylvaner instead of Bukettraube but DNA-Testing was used to determine the correct parents.
First simply called Alzey S88 it was renamed Dr Wagnertraube in honor of a local member of the NSDAP and later Waffen-SS, involved in agriculture. 1950 the final renaming took place though in most parts of Austria the Name Sämling 88 is still in use, a close reminder of its origin.

In this first part 4 wines from Rheinhessen, the origin of Scheurebe will have to stand the balcony testing. 4 wineries, 4 vintages, all priced around 10€

Gysler Scheurebe

Directly from Alzey represented by Weingut Gysler and the oldest vintage in the ring. Gysler by the way make some interesting dry Huxelrebe too.

Vintage 2011

Nice fruity nose: Grapefruit, cat pee but also matured notes of dark crusted wood oven baked artisan bread. Soft with balanced acidity. Grapefruit and vanilla palate, flowery aftertaste.


Wagner Stempel Scheurebe
VDP Members Wagner-Stempel represent the 2012 vintage.

Very citrussy. Grapefruit, lime, reminding me of Sprite soda. Softer than the Gysler offering. Again lime as aftertaste.

Kuehling Gillot Scheurebe

A second VDP Member, Kühling-Gillot, with Qvinterra 2013.

A real fruit-bomb explosion, maybe too aromatic for some.

Hit by jackfruit, guava, black currants, green Mango and a touch of aromatic honey. Grippig acidity just keeping the heavy aromas in balance.

Manz Scheurebe Kalkstein

2014 is from Weingut Manz, Weinolsheim.

The youngster and also the lightest in colour. Still muted nose. Some pear, grapefruit, white flowers, touch of banana. Smell sweet but is not. Less acidity compared to the others. Bit short.

My personal favorites were the ones from Gysler and Kühling-Gillot.

Loved the mix of secondary and tertiary flavors on the Gysler, the expressive aromatics on the Qvinterra.

More Scheurebe in the planning: Pfalz, Franken, Sweet, Matured