Domaine Méjane Wohnmobil vor der Domaine

Domaine Méjane, Saint Jean de la Porte, Savoie

The next stop after Cave de Bernin was at Domaine Méjane, another France Passion participant. Latest arrival time was set at 18:00 to get a last chance of a wine tasting. Unfortunately the given GPS-data was not accurate, we were led on a small street behind the house. The givenj description in the book was a bigger help so we were able to make it in time.
Domaine Méjane Wohnmobil unter den Bäumen

The camper van site lies in the Domaine’s park, a huge lawn with big trees and not straight at all places. The whole park is enclosed by a high wall and a gate that is closed at night. Next to the tasting room is a rest room which can be used by the campers at all times. In front of the house is a fountain with refreshingly cold and fresh spring water.
Domaine Méjane Brunnen
Nachdem wir das Wohnmobil abgestellt hatten, gingen wir direkt zur Probierstube, um die Weine der Domaine kennenzulernen. Die Weinprobe kostet normalerweise 5€, wird aber bei einem Einkauf ab 30€ erlassen. Dafür werden die Gläser aber auch gut gefüllt. Geschätzte 0.05 Liter. Ein Spucknapf war nicht zu sehen…
Domaine Méjane Tasting

White wines, the Domaine offers Jacquere, Chardonnay, Roussanne and Altesse mono varietals, of which I tasted the latter two.


Domaine Méjane Roussette de Savoie 2013
The simple 2013 Altesse, or Roussette as it is called in the region was a nice introduction. Limeflowers, pear, honey and porridge. Lively acidity with a soft finish. All this for only €5.50.

Domaine Méjane Altesse fût de Chêne

The same grape variety, 2012 vintage and oaked. This one astonishes with orange, vanilla and light oak. Appetizing acidity and some oak on the palate with long dried apple and peach aftertaste. For €6.60 a steal.Red mono varietals are made from Gamay, Pinot Noir, Mondeuse and the rare Persan. I left out Gamay and Pinot Noir.

Domaine Méjane Mondeuse St Jean de la Porte 2012
The Mondeuse 2012 priced at  €6.10 offered low to med tannins and a nice acidity. Woodland and beet root.

Domaine Méjane Mondeuse Fût de Chêne
The Cru St Jean de la Porte was where the next Mondeuse was grown, vintage 2010, oaked. Soft with red fruit, cocoa, cherries. Tannins nicely matured. Oak in the aftertaste.  This oaked version was again slightly more expensive: €6.70.

Domaine Méjane Persan
Highlight was the  Persan 2012:  violets, dark red fruit, Plums. Still young with balanced acidity and tannins. This wine as well was more than reasonably priced at €6.70. One might recognize the house fountain on the label.

Blick von Domaine Méjane
Good, dirt cheap wines, a nice camper van site with an astonishing view. I’ll be back!


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