Preparing for Christmas : Cremisan Winery Baladi 2010 from Bethlehem

The days are getting colder, nights longer and the first signs of snow have been found in Germany. Even the supermarkets are getting ready with chocolate Santa Clauses and Lebkuchen. It’s time to get prepared at least mentally so why not pop open a bottle from the holy city of Bethlehem, made by monks and used to finance a school for adults with the profits?
A wine like this Baladi 2010 from Cremisan.


The grape variety Baladi is still quite an enigma. According to Wine Grapes, J. Robinson et al it is the same grape as Cayetana Blanca from Spain but a superficial look at the colour makes it clear that these two here are not the same.
Even studying the Dictionnaire Encyclopédique des Cépages, Pierre Galet shows 6 different Baladis, all of which are white grape varieties. Three of them call Spain their home while the other three are grown in the Near East. The latter variants are supplied with a translation too: le raisin de mon pays, or grape of my country.

The Nose: Sweet, ripe blackberries, violets, peony, light meat stew and stronger fresh figs.

Med Body with juicy acidity and lkight tannins. Easy drinkinjg with light blackberry, tobacco and fresh fig palate, dried fig and tobacco aftertaste.


Drink now or wait till next year Christmas!nbsp;

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