Serbian Wines Part 2 : 2012 Experiment Prokupac, Podrum Cokot

Besides the all international grape varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay Serbia has it’s own autochtonous grapes to be discovered.

Typical Balkan-Grapes:

Graševina (Welschriesling, Laski Riesling): White wine grape that is grown in Italy and Austria as well. Quite productive that can lead to boring wines. If treated well floral-fruity whites with nice acidity.

Kadarka: Red wine grape with soft tannins and lighter colour. Sometimes compared to Pinot Noir.

Plovdina (Pamid): Light, thin reds with low acidity.

Smederevka (Dimyat): Fresh whites with occasional vanilla flavour.

Vranac: Dark, full-bodied red wines with loads of tannins and maturing potential.

Autochtonous Grapes:

Bagrina: Pink coloured grapes from the Timok area. Not self pollinating so has to be planted beside other grape varieties. Good acidity and maturing potential.

Kreaca: Also known as Banat Riesling. Compared to the Real Riesling the wines lack acidity and have to be drunk early.

– Prokupac: Early drinking reds with high alcohol. Dark with red fruit.

Slankamenka: Ancient grape variety with low sugar, acidity and flavour. More often used for brandy.

Tamjanika: White Muscat that has been grown in Serbia for 500 years and through natural selection adapted perfectly to the climate and terroir. There exists a rare dark mutation.

Začinak: Highly coloured red wine grape often used in blends to give more colour to the wine.

New Varieties:

Bačka: Pink Hybrid: Petra x Bianca

Morava: White grape: Frühroter Veltliner x Müller-Thurgau. Similar to Sauvignon Blanc regarding fruit and acidity. Up and coming.

Neoplanta: White Grape: Smederavka x Savagnin Rosé. Strong Muscat-flavour, high sugars low acidity.

Panonia: Similar to Morava with same parents: Frühroter Veltliner x Müller-Thurgau

Petra: Hybrid: Kunbarat x Pinot Noir. High sugar content, Muscat aroma.

Probus: Productive red from Kadarka x Cabernet Sauvignon.

Rubinka: Pink Hybrid: Petra x Bianca.

Sila: White:  Kövidinka x Chardonnay. Light, refreshing wines.

Sirmium: Disease prone white from Sauvignon Blanc x Smederevka.

Župljanka: White grape from red parents: Prokupac x Pinot Noir. Balanced, fresh wines with high malice acid content in the must.

After all the theory finally the second wine from Samovino.

2012 Prokupac Experiment, Winery Čokot, Region Župa

The Prokupac is one of Serbia’s own grape varieties. Radovan Čokot is making wines officially since 2011. Before wines were made just fro personal consumption and the family. Besides Prokupac he has Tamjanika grapes. All his wines are called Experiment because he sees himself as student in the field of winemaking, so every year is a new experiment.

In the nose: Black and red currants, cocoa, boiled beef, light plum.

The first sip is soft with light tannins and pleasing acidity. Easy drinking with cassis and plum aftertaste.

With time the aroma changes to to violets, cocoa, plums with light blackberry supplanting the cassis.

Second day:

Nicely spiced stewed red plums with fresh plum mixed in and sprinkled with cocoa. Due to the high acidity the plum is very present on the palate as well. Plums with a high skin ratio.

All in all a fruity, soft, easy drinking red for every day. Good to drink now but perhaps can wait a year to two as well. Still enough acidity and tannins for that.

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