Table wine from table grapes – Lagasquaïre, Domaine de la Gasqui

This summer it was time again to visit our beloved Provence. It was hot so we decided to go for a new place, surrounded by flowing water: L’Isle sur la Sorgue.

This little town in the Vaucluse was built in a swampy area and gained fame from the drainage channels, leaving the nick name: Venice of Comtat.

L'Isle de la Sorgue

There are still some watermills to be found that have been used for a lot of different purposes in the history of the city. Milling, wool making…


Today it’s more tourism and antique shops plus agriculture that influence the town.

There is a Campsite near l’Isle but also a winery that is taking part with France Passion , an organization allowing camper vans to stay one day with their members for free if you can produce this year’s vignette,

The winery Domaine de la Gasqui lies a bit outside of L’Isle sur la Sorgue and it is slightly elevated too. Taking the bicicle into town was an easy quarter of an hour, the way back took slightly longer and more muscle power as well…


The camp site is a plane plain with some trees giving shade if one calculates the movement of the sun, between the winery and vineyards.

WoMo bei Gasqui

The first impression we had was from our little friend for the day…

Besuch bei Gasqui

The tasting itself, conducted by the senior winemaker started off slowly. There were on rosé, a white and 4 reds to be tasted but the white alerted my inner fossicker… A vin de France, no vintage and at 9€ not exactly a bargain. Asking about the wine Mr Feraud Senior got more talkative.

The white is a blend of table grape Gros Vert and the wine grape Ugni Blanc aka Trebbiano, not a real star variety… Both planted by his grandfather. The Gros Vert grapes are quite big and thick skinned with lots of seeds. Not really something looked for in table grapes at the moment. But then they were caught after because they could be kept until christmas time. He didn’t want to get rid of those plants so he decided to make this wine which he can only do legally because the vines are older than 25 years. Way older…


Hunt for Gros Vert

Our friend showed us the vineyard and Gros Vert vines. Which happened to be just the vineyard beside our camper van…

Gros Vert

But what did it taste like?

Honey, elderflower, rose water and a hint of grapefruit. Med bodied with balanced acidity and some more grapefruit on the palate. Maybe a little bit short but still a nice summer quaffer with a legacy behind it.

I hope that these vines keep on bearing fruit as it is quite unlikely that someone will plant them again. 25 years of not being able to make a wine with them, I don’t see anyone have either the patience or finances…

Chilling at Domaine la Gasqui

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