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Vinodiversity – The Book, New Grape Varieties and Wines in Australia, Darby Higgs, 2010

If you think of Australian wines and just Shiraz and Chardonnay come into your mind and the one wine you want to try is the Penfolds Grange then you can easily ignore this book and the rest of the article.

The author Darby Higgs is a wine enthusiast based in Melbourne who is responsible for running, a great database for australian varietals. The printed edition is based on the data from 2010.

Listed are over 130 diffrenent grape varieties that are not widely grown in Australia. With a short description of each comes a detailed list of wineries growing each particular variety.
The second part is a listing of all wine regions including the smalles sub regions with detailed listing of relevant wineries.
The third part gives a list of each winery with their wine growing regions and grape varieties.
Yes, this is a book taken directly from a database!

Interesting grape varieties included:
1893, an unidentified white planted in 1893.
Petit Meslier, one of the lesser Champagne grapes.
Saint Macaire, an obscure Bordeaux red variety not to be found in France.

Unfortunately most of the wines listed will never find their way to Germany but if I should make a wine tasting trip Down Under, this book would be on the top of my list.

Can be found for 19€ at Amazon (Price of 5.2014).